Antidoto Club, a party known for its support of the DJ community in the clubbing scene, expands their reach after collaborating with Wegoingsound last June in Madrid. This time, they are making a jump to Milan, organising the first party in the city together with Wegoingsound on Saturday 25th November.

Antidoto Club’s residency was the initial setting for this collaboration, and now, they are taking their vibrant energy to Milan for a night full of musical proposals. The main event will feature a line-up that fuses the two partners: Sgamo, Yosef, Diego Armando and Maxvll will be in charge of making all attendees vibrate with their sets, ensuring an experience that will be unforgettable.

But that’s not all. As part of its commitment of discovering new talents, Antidoto Club has selected 6 emerging DJs for an afternoon session. The selected artists are Andrewww, Bifo, Jihane, La Hasna, Lurayana and Mitchtreasure. These talented artists will have the opportunity to show their skills and creativity, as their sets will be recorded and uploaded to Antidoto Club’s YouTube channel, in its renowned Antidoto Virtual format, giving them unique visibility and opportunities in the music scene.

With this first incursion in Milan and the combination of established talent with new voices, Antidoto Club and Wegoingsound continues to redefine the music scene, committing to diversity and innovation in the electronic scene and underground sounds.